Analysis of Oral IV and Commentary

If you’ve been paying attention in the tactical community in the past week, you’ve probably noticed the flurry of activity regarding the rehydration supplement Oral IV. That activity was generated by a report… Continue reading

BlowOut Kit Basics – A Preface to Hemostatic Agents

When we got back together to shoot the video for Hemostatic Agents: Myths, Lies, Facts & Applications, Ian Wendt and I decided to go over some basic thoughts on BlowOut (Penetrating Trauma) Kits… Continue reading

Hemostatic Agents: Myths, Lies, Facts & Applications

Teaching Hemostatic Agents: Etc. at Paul-E-Palooza 2012 When I stepped up to the plate and offered to teach at the first annual Paul-E-Palooza (Paul Gomez Memorial) Tactical Conference, there were already a passel… Continue reading

UltraLight Survival Kit Knife Production Stand Down

This is a brief notification that production of the BFE Labs UltraLight Survival Kit Knife is suspended for the time being. The UltraLight is our most popular product, and unfortunately demand has far… Continue reading

Paul-E-Palooza 2012 (Training Announcement)

Paul-E-Palooza August 18-19 2012 A celebration of the life of Paul Gomez and benefit for his children, in the most fitting fashion, Paul-E-Palooza will be a two day training conference, likely to rival… Continue reading

Paul Gomez 1971 – 2012

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very… Continue reading

An Evidence Based Word on Recommended Hemostatics

Click Image to Open NAMRU Hemostatics Study .PDF (Right Click to Save As) After posting the warning about foreign hemostatic agents of unknown quality (probably fraudulent) we received a comment (from someone associated… Continue reading

Urban Schlub: Redux

Yesterday’s April Fools post was, we hope you realize, firmly tongue in cheek. Satirical though we were being, we also hoped to make a point as well. Recent releases in the “tactical” clothing… Continue reading

BFE Labs Urban Schlub

For several years now we’ve been intensely focused on the “Grey Man” concept. Through our study and development, we’ve come to possess a robust and proven ability to disappear into the urban landscape.… Continue reading

Fake Hemostatic Products

Courtesy of our good friends in Chinese industry, one of the staples of modern emergency treatment of major hemorrhage is now being copied. Though these products are not direct copies of an major… Continue reading