Our strongest capabilities are available to select clients to bolster their teams and projects.
In addition to our course work and products we are pleased to offer our experience and talents in certain areas to those in need of our skills. Our service offerings are not expansive, rather they are built around our greatest strengths to provide the utmost return.If you are interested in expertise or experience we may provide, that it not listed here, please contact us. If we cannot provide that service for you, we may know of someone who can.

Tool Design and Fabrication:
BFE Labs principal, Morgan Atwood, has been a custom knife-maker for ten years and brings his knowledge of machining, blacksmithing, fabrication, cutlery steel-metallurgy, and advanced composites to building unique tools for demanding environments. Specializing in cutting tools (knives and other edged weapons), his work combines the ancient art of the blacksmith with modern materials and fabrication techniques. Beyond cutting tools the possibilities are expansive – Orders are at present time taken on a highly selective basis, but we’re always interested in talking with potential clients about their idea. If we cannot take your order at that time, we’ll recommend someone who should be able to.

Drift Services:
Drift Services is our package for mine exploration, the name being taken from the term “Drift” for a mine tunnel. Currently this package is embryonic, and not fully developed. We are working very hard to bring everything together to offer a premier service for scientific researchers and other professionals lacking mine experience but needing to work in that environment. Our aim is to provide a custom package of logistical support, outfitter and guide services to such personnel needing to enter, explore, map or work in man-made subterranean complexes. These services are intended for scientists, researchers, property managers, historians, film makers, and layman landowners. Although this service is embryonic, we can currently provide components of this package on a case by case basis. If you’re interested in bringing our professional expertise to your team, please email us.

Custom Solutions
If you are in need of a unique solution to your survival, medical or tool kit needs, we are able to deliver a wide variety of customized solutions.
We build custom kits and tools all the time – You can see examples of them in our articles, as well as those packages we offer for sale. However, that is only a small portion of our experience and capability – We’re always trying new ideas and innovating new tools, gear modifications, tool kits and use solutions , and carry and deployment solutions
Combining our in-house fabrication capabilities, and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf tools and equipment, we can create a wide variety of custom tool sets, medical or survival kits, and other gear / tool solutions tailored to your exclusive needs. Contact us to discuss options.