Special Projects

Unconventional and covert; Special Projects are a category of tools for which there is little true need. Little need, however, does not mean none at all need. To respond to these limited but important demands, we offer dependable, effective, solutions for niche problems.
BFE Labs began as an R&D house for covert weapons and tools, and we have never ceased continuing to hone our knowledge and capabilities. BFE Labs maker/designer Morgan Atwood has long specialized in small, concealable, tools. Ten+ years study of covert tools from WWII to the present, as well as the unique modern materials best suited to today’s special applications, has shaped a design ethos deeply rooted in proven solutions.
Special Projects are typically larger scale orders than individual one-off customs; However we can work with you to build any solution, from one to one-hundred+. We are proud that professionals who need special items, from non-metallic solutions to deeply concealable tools and companion carry-systems, repeatedly choose BFE Labs to author those projects. Special Projects are almost always custom; A bespoke solution to the customers needs, designed and built to order from the ground up with speed and discretion.
Our special projects capability is extensive, and we cannot list everything that we have done, or could do, on this page. If you or your organization have unique tool needs, please contact us with your requirements.

Below you can find a small selection of past Special Projects items, and relevant commentary on the nature of similar tools. A more complete portfolio of Special Projects is available to qualified clients. For more information, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Carbon Fiber hideout/escape knife, Kiridashi style (Model FC-Short): Carbon Fiber is an ideal non-metallic material due to its high strength and light weight. Although Ceramic offers better edge retention and less edge-deformation, for overall durability Carbon Fiber is the best choice. Of all laminate materials, Carbon Fiber offers the best edge properties, and most dependable cutting abilities in soft materials. 

Titanium concealment spike: Spike weapons have a long history of covert application due to their ease of concealment and efficacious use. Non-magnetic tools, such as this, also benefit from reduced signature and often lighter weight than steel, without any sacrifice in strength.


Non-Metallic deep concealment dagger: Primary cutting edge with reinforced secondary edge and point. Unique blade grinds, offering strong structures without compromising tool-function are a hallmark of our special-materials capabilities. All non-metallic tools include non-metallic sheaths/carry systems for the greatest reduction in detectable tool signatures.

Not all Special Projects product types are available to all customers – Please contact us with your requirements to discuss availability and options.