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BFE Labs/Morgan Atwood Custom Knives – Regular Products

|UltraLight Kit Knives|

Designed to fill the niche between minimalist (razor, scalpel and sharpened hacksaw blades) and full-sized cutting solutions for personal, pocket and tin-based, survival kits. These 1/32” thick knives are each handmade from high carbon saw steel, fully tempered and coated with a black epoxy coating for rust resistance.

Two blade shapes are available, Clip Point and Straight Point (heavier design with a more robust fore-blade, and no spine-drop). Blade lengths average 1.75” for Clip Point and 1.5” for Skinner point, and all knives will fit inside an Altoids tin, with an average length of 3 3/8”. Weight approx. 0.5 Ounces. (Note, all models have a lanyard hole, the Straight pictured below is a prototype.)

Currently Available on a Made to Order basis. $15 Each, plus shipping. Please specify Skinner Point or Straight Point. (Bulk Pricing is also available).

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BFE Labs/Morgan Atwood Custom Knives – One Off’s


|Carbon Fiber Thumb Dag|
An assymetrical double-edged blade, inspired by the OSS/SOE escape knives of WWII.
3.75” overall, with 1.75” blade Ground from .25” carbon fiber, with a wicked sharp point, circular textured recess for placing the thumb, and secure gripping-grooves for the fingers to pull against.
Sheath is kydex, with rubberized coating, slotted for zip-ties or other attachments. Designed to be hidden within clothing, or other deep-concealment locations. System is entirely non-metallic, with no metal parts in the knife or sheath. $55

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|BFE Labs Zipper – Original Prototype|
This is the original prototype Zipper, from which the BFE Labs/Special Circumstances collaboration design was developed. .20” Carbon Fiber (salvaged from F-18 manufacture), with unique grind and Zipper bladeshape, sheathed in Kydex neck, pocket or static-cord IWB sheath, featuring striking two-tone “AlienSkin” coating in red and black.
This knife is unused, but several years old and is a prototype. One of a kind. Fully functional for the end user, or for the collector.

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(Note: Non-Metallic Systems are sold on a discretionary basis and I reserve the right to not sell them to any given person(s). Not for sale to the state of California, or anywhere else they are illegal [up to the purchaser to determine local legality]. Not for sale outside the US except to authorized individuals [Mil, Law Enforcement, etc.]. Will add a metallic component to the handle at the request of an otherwise prohibited client. Contact for information and questions.)

BFE Labs Custom Kits

|Survival Tin Starter Kits|
Want to build a tin-based survival kit? These Starter’s give you an excellent foundation to begin with! A high quality candy tin, custom painted with BFE Labs “Sand” pattern (tan with black and green flecking), each comes with a high quality Ferrocerium rod, hand-ground three-bevel striking tool and four tabs of the excellent, long storing, TinderQuik tinder by Four Seasons Survival. From here, with your essentials for Fire provided, you can build your own custom survival tin by adding contents to suit your needs and environment! $17

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|Escape & Evasion Pouch proof-of-concept prototypes|
Based around the proven Tactical Tailor E&E pouch, these proof of concept prototypes are partially stocked escape and evasion/survival kits. There are only Two of these, and once they’re gone there won’t be more.
These are left-over from a larger project, and are entirely brand new! Both kits are essentially the same: Vertical TacTailor E&E pouch in ACU, packed with the following: Ferrocerium Rod with TriGround Striker, Two TinderQuik Tabs, One Tab of SOLKOA FastFire, One Pack of All-Weather match with extra strikers, ITW Rescue Whistle, Fluorescent Orange Signal Panel 36” Square (“Panel Marker, Survival Aviation”), 1 Liter Heavy-Duty Water Bag, 1 CountyComm SO-LED multi-position microlight, 1 CountyComm MicroWidgy Pry Bar, 1 Brunton 9068 Watchband Compass. ONE remaining!
Additionally One of the kits also includes a CountyComm Signal Mirror and pouch. $75 (or $80 w/ Mirror)

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