Chest Rigs in Abandoned Mines and Other Ideas Explored

This past Saturday, I, along with Ian Wendt of Special Circumstances and two of our friends, went for an extended wander. It was a great single day of hiking and exploring. Eight hours… Continue reading

Carrying the Blow Out Kit

In recent years as we’ve seen a rise in widespread study and application of tactical medicine, we’ve seen a trickle down of those concepts to the armed citizen. There has been a corresponding… Continue reading

Notes on Mine Exploration Gear

I was doing some reading tonight, and making notes on up-coming projects and ideas, and a few musings seemed to be worth sharing. The wrecking crew and I are talking about going back… Continue reading

Abandoned Mine Exploration

Abandoned mine exploration is a regular endeavor at BFE Labs – Its enjoyable for several reasons, but primarily for the challenges to the mind and physical body, and opportunities to test and refine… Continue reading

Imminent Threat Solutions

A post on the LightFighter forums brought a new website/blog to my attention this morning – Imminent Threat Solutions.ITS Tactical is a group of experienced tactical professionals, who simply want to provide good… Continue reading

Self Care in the Tactical Environment & Other Medical Training

On the 21st of February we ran a beta for the Self Care in the Tactical Environment class, for a group of friends and out of town students. Ian Wendt of Special Circumstances… Continue reading

A Sample of BFE Labs Non-Metallic Edged-Weapons Solutions

Non-Metallic tools, particularly edged weapons, have a small but distinct role. Their value to a user living or working in a non-permissive environment is unmatched. As a knife-maker I’ve long specialized in this… Continue reading

BFE Labs – A Profile

BFE Labs is a small research, training and gear shop based in the high desert of New Mexico. We specialize in independent evaluation and development of tools and solutions for austere and hostile… Continue reading

Personal Preparedness Pack V1

I originally wrote this as a note for close friends and associates several months ago, as an overview of the concept of a civilian day-to-day preparedness pack. Not something with which to survive… Continue reading

WoundStat Update

After only recently announcing that Z-Medica’s Combat Gauze, and another hemostatic product called WoundStat were the new standard for Tactical Combat Casualty Care, the Army has pulled one of them following the 2008… Continue reading