Blackhawk/Knoxx SpecOps Stock (Remington 870) – Install and Initial Impressions

BFE Labs accessory before, during, and after the fact, James Mac has recently been going down the road of developing a personal fighting shotgun based on the Remington 870. We will be sharing… Continue reading


Now that recent academic efforts have concluded and there is time available again I’m busily typing away behind the scenes on many things, for here and elsewhere, and preparing for some new rounds… Continue reading

A Theory of Ultra-Small Combative Knives

A fighting knife is whatever knife you’ve got in your hand when you need to fight. For the most part this means either a tool you’ve been forced to repurpose, or a dedicated… Continue reading


We’ve fallen seriously behind in the last couple of months; And by “we” I really mean “I”. Myself and BFE Lab’s James Mac have returned to school to pick up our EMT-Basic credentials… Continue reading

UltraLight Kit Knives

Various tin-based personal survival kits, be they home built using Altoids tins, or from companies such as BCB, often include minimalist cutting tools: Razor blades, scalpel blades, sharpened hacksaw blades or inferior quality… Continue reading

The Training Blowout Kit

Carrying a blowout kit (penetrating trauma kit) is a good thing; If you’ve paid much attention here at BFE Labs at all, we’re huge advocates of everyone owning and carrying a blowout kit.… Continue reading

Fake CAT Tourniquet Warning

Apparently there is a counterfeit of the CAT Tourniquet being made in Asia (*gasp* surprise!) which very closely copies the appearance of the real CAT Tourniquet, but not the performance. As with a… Continue reading

BFE Labs Sale

I’m working on getting a full eShop up and running to begin offering some of our solutions and tools in a more direct manner, but have a more immediate need to move some… Continue reading

Venom Industries Cobra Concealment Pouch: A First Look

Venom Industries is a new name in the gear world with some interesting products on the horizon. The sister of Bulldog Equipment, a company already known for high quality military equipment, Venom is… Continue reading

DIY Adventure Gear: Field-Notebook Hacks

The notebook or journal as part of the adventurers kit is a compelling image: Leather and oilcloth bound journals, wrapped in a strap or twine, and filled with drawings of lost cities and… Continue reading