Working with Fatwood

Last week, in the Wet, Rusty, Dirty article, I made mention of fatwood. Fatwood, or pitchwood, is a product of resinous pine trees: After the tree dies, the sap (or resin) sinks to… Continue reading

A Visual Addition to Theory of Ultra-Small Combative Knives

Much of the attraction (and danger) of ultra-small knives is in the opportunities, often unconventional, they present for concealment. This would be much better executed with an appropriately sized locking folder, or a… Continue reading

Anatomy of Shell Garments: Delay

Just a heads up: The next issue of Anatomy of Shell Garments is delayed. We’re sorry for this delay, but at the same time, are excited by what this delay means: Unleashed Tactical… Continue reading

BFE Labs Station Ident

BFE Labs is a solutions oriented collaborative for Wilderness, Urban and Tactical Survival, Skillsets and Tool Use.. Currently located in New Mexico, we specialize in independent evaluation, development and provision of skills, tools… Continue reading

Wet, Rusty, Dirty

In the real world things get wet. Things get rusty. Things get dirty. And that can have an impact on how those things, and the people using them, perform. Yet, I see pictures… Continue reading

Anatomy of Shell Garments – The Construction

With apologies for the delay, we present the third issue of Anatomy of Shell Garments, in association with Unleashed Tactical Equipment – This article sees the components coming together to make the composite… Continue reading

Anatomy of Shell Garments: The Components

Continuing our series with Unleashed Tactical Equipment, this second part discusses the components of shell garments. Before a needle touches cloth or a seam is sealed, a significant amount of work has already… Continue reading

Thoughts on TCCC for Law Enforcement and Armed Individuals

In the most recent newsletter (#158) from Force Science Research Center (which always brings interesting material to the fore) the lead article is on research being done, and a recent report, by Dr.… Continue reading

We Remember

Today many people will want to do many things. Only a few will want to forget – Most will want to remember. Some will want to reflect. Others mourn. And still others hate.… Continue reading

Anatomy of Shell Garments

Whether you are a hardened mountaineer, dog walker or just spend a lot of time outdoors, the chances are that you have at least one shell garment hanging around somewhere in your house.… Continue reading