Lone Wolf Harsey T2: A Lament

Several years ago (early 2006) I was in a gunshop when I noticed, languishing under dust in a mostly obscured display case, several knives. Most of them were cheap and overpriced, but there… Continue reading

Will & Skill

Will; noun; (1)The faculty of conscious and especially of deliberate action; the power of control the mind has over its own actions: the freedom of the will. (2)Purpose or determination, often hearty or… Continue reading

Trauma Comi/x Teaser

Trauma Comi/x are a training aid we’ve developed to expand our range of written and visual training materials for first aid in the “tactical” environment. The comics are intended to provide an easily… Continue reading

Non-Commercial Use of BFE Labs Material

At this point BFE Labs has only provided a single document, both on this site and external to it, intended for widespread dissemination: The “Proposed Guideline for Tactical Medical Self Care in the… Continue reading

The Woodswalkers Bag

My Playground: Empty, yet Full of Opportunity, to the Horizon and Beyond Living rurally, as I am currently fortunate to do, affords some great opportunities for the survival/resilience minded person. Foremost is that… Continue reading

Anatomy of Shell Garments: Bringing It All Together

As this series in association with Unleashed Tactical Equipment has progressed, we’ve looked at various pieces of the whole-picture that is shell garments. Each piece should have bolstered your knowledge of these garments… Continue reading

Anatomy of Shell Garments: Garment Construction

Apologies for the delay in bringing you issue five. The crew at Unleashed Tactical Equipment have been running full tilt on multiple fronts, and its taken a little more time to get these… Continue reading

Otherwise about Axes

Continuing the conversation from our previous article, there are some further notes on axes and hatchets that merit sharing. While entire books on working with and maintaining axes can be (and have been)… Continue reading

Edgewise About Axes

Axes come up more than a little here on BFE Labs, and rightfully so: There are few tools that can do what an axe does, much less do it well. While there are… Continue reading

Anatomy of Shell Garments: Testing

Performance, it’s what we expect when we spend large amounts of money on products to improve our lives. In recent times the marketing buzz words of “the best…the most…the only” have been applied… Continue reading