Woods Competency

Recently, a client made the comment that he was a “student of wilderness survival, not a bushcraft type”. This struck me as sort of odd, so I asked him a bit about how… Continue reading

Thin, Sharp, Knives

If you look around the working world, at the knives that are regularly used to do work, you might notice some startling differences between those knives and what is prominent in the popular… Continue reading

Awareness Notes: Training for Blindness

In our quest to better ourselves and hone our necessary skills for staying alive in our field, we should be training often and hard. From time to time, in our efforts to train… Continue reading

Awareness Notes: “Satisfaction of Search” & Multiples

In a short 2010 paper in i-Perception, Dr. Daniel Simons noted the following; “[The finding] is consistent with the phenomenon of ‘satisfaction of search’—people are less likely to search for additional targets once… Continue reading

Cultivating Awareness

“[…]a man becomes his attentions. His observations and curiosity, they make and remake him.” William Least Heat Moon Our last post was on April Fools Day. We posted an appropriate post, saying our… Continue reading

A New Direction

We’ve been making some grave errors in how we conduct ourselves,and the ethos with which we operate. Recent work and writing, with the increased focus on observation and learning from being close to… Continue reading

Observation is Important, M’kay?

There is perhaps no skill, trait, attribute, or ability of more value to survival than simple observation. If you are not aware, and you are not able to grasp the meaning of what… Continue reading

Keep It Simple, Stupid

I carry butane lighters as part of my fire starting kits. People give all sorts of reasons not to do this, most of which come back to “they won’t work when you need… Continue reading

Venomous Snakebite Management

As medical science advances, and treatment practices catch up, it is necessary sometimes to revisit old material. In 2009, BFE Labs ran an article on management of poisonous snake bite. Now, in 2011,… Continue reading

Bad Experience with Boundtree Medical

Normally, a bad experience with a retailer would not get mentioned here. Our focus is not to sling mud, and many of the “these guys suck!” rants that crop up are just that.… Continue reading