A Lesson on Combat Knives, in Two Parts: The MOD XSF-1, and the MIL-TAC CS1

The MIL-TAC Combat Survival 1 (Left) and the Blackhawk XSF-1 (Right) There is, in the knife community, an undue fascination with “fighting” and “combat” knives. Lots of collectors, enthusiasts, and makers specialize in… Continue reading


I’ve been gathering video material from the web for reference, and thought I might This is more of a reference post for myself and the local wrecking crew, but it should be interesting… Continue reading

A Proposed Guideline…

A Proposed Guideline for Tactical Medical Self-Care in the Civilian Environment: by Morgan Atwood, © Not For Redistribution w/o Permission & Attribution Overview: In environments involving violent use of firearms, knives, and other… Continue reading

A New Beginning

For several years I operated a website and blog under the Combative Concepts header. As time went on, I begin to harbor more and more unhappiness over that moniker for a variety of… Continue reading

Is Stainless Steel Good Enough for a Knife Blade?

As a knife-maker, and the moderator of knife (or knife related) forums for a few different internet bulletin boards over recent years, I very often hear people talking about high carbon steel being… Continue reading

Folding Utility Knives

The folding utility knife is nothing new – its been around for awhile, with some pretty good quality ones having come out in the past couple of years. I think the first one… Continue reading

Desperate Circumstances call for Desperate Measures

In emergency situations no one thinks quite like they do normally. I’ve always been proud of myself for being a “cool head” when things are seriously going wrong but as I have read… Continue reading

"Women Should Be Dressed in White, Like Other Kitchen Appliances"

I think by now we’ve all heard the line that is this posts title, and know the stink it caused when the honcho of Formula 1 said it about, and to, Danica Patrick… Continue reading

The Crash Axe as a Tool of Terrorist Interdiction

Onboard most commercial aircraft are a selection of survival and rescue tools such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, defibrillators and crash axes. Although the crew knows where such items are they are… Continue reading