BFE Labs only has a single course offering at this time. As with everything we do, we believe in focusing on our strengths, starting small, and delivering the very best of a small range, rather than promising the world and delivering a hollow shell.

Self Care in the Tactical Environment:
This one day class is focused on the armed citizen, and also relevant for any armed professional who works (and may fight) alone. Founded on our “Guideline for Tactical Medical Self-Care in the Civilian Environment” this class begins with exploring the need for medical care in the tactical environment, the differences between tactical medicine and conventional emergency medicine, and the fundamentals of the military Tactical Casualty Care Guidelines. From there the class moves forward differently from some other courses: Instead of teaching team tactics or buddy aid, “Self Care” focuses on the individual fighter’s need for immediate-action skills to stabilize life threatening penetrating trauma. When seconds matter, and the individual injured is his/her only means of immediate support, priorities are different – “Self Care in the Tactical Environment” explores these priorities, and teaches an immediate-action protocol to stop the threat, stabilize the injury, and survive until emergency medical services arrive.
“Self Care in the Tactical Environment” also explores the conventional tools for penetrating trauma care, how to carry and how to employ them. Every student gets hands on experience with one hand tourniquets, trauma dressings, examples of hemostatic agents and other products. Instruction is based around practical skills practice with these tools, rather than lecture.

Course Syllabus

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Digital Courses
We are currently developing a series of eLearning materials, and expect to launch digital courses soon. Please check this spot, or drop us a line, in the future to see the status of this project.