BFE Labs brings cross-disciplinary experience to the review, design and production of life saving solutions for wilderness, urban and tactical survival. Our contributors have diverse backgrounds in emergency services, engineering, electronics, fabrication and design, and weapons testing. Benefiting from the diversity of our backgrounds we explore diverse paths in design and testing of tools and solutions.
We are not stagnant – We are active students of the skills and tools we discuss, review or offer instruction on. BFE Labs grew out of an organized training and exploration group, which remains on-going. Our ethos is antithetical to complacency – The solution to weakness is exposing it, and overcoming it, through hard training and hard work. We’d never claim to provide knowledge, much less solutions, without doing that work.
We are very much about “What you see, is what you get” – We claim to be nothing we are not. You won’t see us referring to ourselves as “high speed operators” or any such nonsense. We provide knowledge and products based on our research, training and experience. We hope that our unique perspective can give a greater depth to the community knowledge pool in these fields. Of course, if our ideas and solutions do not work for you, no hard feelings. We believe in using an open model, providing the core of our knowledge freely, and letting what we do speak for itself – You decide, with your readership, support, and dollar if what we provide is worthwhile to you. We’re also going slowly – We’re much more interested in doing the work, providing the results, and letting the products develop, than in trying to flood the market with gadgets, widgets and other crap in hopes that two or three sales of each piece of crap will pay off, or one piece of crap will hit it big. We’re more interested in putting knowledge in your hands, than taking money from your wallet. That’s why you haven’t seen us selling anything yet, and when you do the catalog will be expanding slowly.

The Environment:
BFE, being the acronym for “Bum Fuck Egypt”, refers commonly to anywhere remote. Our definition expands BFE to mean any place or state in which isolation, austerity and possible hostility are working against you. BFE is a state of mind – A state of situation, not just terrain. We’re here to find solutions, both software and hardware, for those environments, that austerity and hostility. BFE Labs is not just a name, it is representative of our environment, and the conditions we seek in training, evaluations and development.
BFE Labs is based in Socorro, New Mexico. Situated in the Rio Grande river valley, and surrounded by diverse terrain of mountains and high desert, Socorro and surrounding area is an ideal environment for us. Within a 45-mile radius are plus-10,000 foot peaks, riparian wetlands, volcanic cliffs, and barren deserts. BFE Labs is not the first to make use of this unique terrain, as Socorro has long been a hotspot of research and training, with proximity to White Sands Missile Range, and being home to the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, one of the premier weapons research and first responder training facilities in the nation.
BFE Labs also has exclusive access to a 2,000 acre property situated at 6,500 feet above sea level in the mountainous foothills of North-Western Socorro County. Featuring classic high-desert terrain, the property sits just a few miles North of the National Forest where the famed USAF ParaRescue conduct “field school” exercises. This property provides us with excellent and varied conditions in which to test gear and practices under a range of circumstances.

The Experience:
BFE Labs brings to the table an array of skillsets, interests and backgrounds.
BFE Labs principal, Morgan Atwood, has been a custom knife and tool maker for 10 years. He has been a Wildland Firefighter and an EMT, and has experience providing medical support in austere environments in the remote Southwestern US. With life long experience living and working in the back-country, Morgan’s familiarity with remote environments and their unique requirements is one of the driving forces behind BFE Labs training, design work, writing and evaluations. Morgan is a long time student of martial arts and combatives, including edged weapons, WWII Combatives, and MMA, as well as a lifelong shooter and firearms skills student. Morgan has also been a student of engineering and general sciences while in pursuit of a degree, and brings this knowledge to the fore in his work.
Other contributing members of the BFE group bring to the table experience in advanced engineering fields, specialized materials and weapons testing, specialized manufacturing for the defense industry, and materials science and engineering.
In addition to technical and professional experience, everyone involved with BFE Labs has extensive experience in martial arts and sciences, shooting sports and wilderness pursuits, particularly technical sport. The BFE Labs crew conduct regular gym and range sessions in search of answers to problems of physical and armed confrontation. Beyond the training ground, sessions of the BFE Labs crew include such pleasures and pains as hiking and backpacking, rock climbing and mountaineering, abandoned mine exploration and spelunking. Making use of some of the most remote and rugged terrain in the Southwest, we believe first in testing our bodies and minds – Developing ourselves in challenging and arduous situations – And from there, testing everything else.
We are focused by our experience driven philosophy – We develop material and designs that support our lifestyles and our professions. In adventures and professions where lives are at stake, there is no room for error, and demands must be exacting – Only the best will do. We test, review, and develop gear and skills by the greater standard of need we have established through hard play and harder work.

BFE Labs – Solutions for Austerity and Hostility.

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