UltraLight Survival Kit Knife Production Stand Down

This is a brief notification that production of the BFE Labs UltraLight Survival Kit Knife is suspended for the time being.
The UltraLight is our most popular product, and unfortunately demand has far outstripped production capability. Circumstances beyond our control, along with this high demand, have proven how non-resilient our production strategy has been and we continue to fall farther and farther behind.
These knives have been entirely hand produced from start to finish since we first started offering them, and that work has been done by one individual, Morgan Atwood. Continuing in this manner has proven beyond difficult, and has become time and resource consuming to the point of impossibility. UltraLight production has interfered with all other aspects of this business, and something’s got to give. Sanity and health, or product availability.

We are currently hard at work on two things:
– Finishing all outstanding orders for UltraLight Kit Knives. If you have an order in for these items, you will be receiving your order as soon as it is finished.
-Designing and implementing new production methods to bring greater uniformity, better availability, and quicker turn around time to the UltraLight Kit Knife series. This will also bring online a much more refined design, that is more user friendly and functional.

Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for updates! UltraLight’s will return soon!