BlowOut Kit Basics – A Preface to Hemostatic Agents

When we got back together to shoot the video for Hemostatic Agents: Myths, Lies, Facts & Applications, Ian Wendt and I decided to go over some basic thoughts on BlowOut (Penetrating Trauma) Kits while we were at it. This material essentially serves as an introduction to the Hemostatic lecture, to appropriately ground that information in the idea that hemostatic agents are a component of an overall blowout kit.

A BlowOut Kit is a very focused group of medical gear, and supporting carry system or method, specifically for dealing with penetrating trauma incurred in the tactical environment. These kits can be large, or small, but they should all contain some fundamental ingredients as necessitated by the needs of the environment. The injuries occurring, for which management is necessary and possible, are simple:
– Major hemorrhage from penetrating trauma.
– Airway compromise due to tension pneumothorax
Everything in the BlowOut Kit is for dealing with these concerns, and doing so in the most efficient means possible given the constraints of the packing or carry method. In this video, we focus primarily on the BlowOut Kit for Self Care in the Tactical Environment, i.e. the items of necessity for you to perform care on yourself first and foremost. To that end, the BlowOut Kit as we discuss it needs to contain the following items:
-Tourniquets: The foundation (but not the end-all-be-all) of the BlowOut Kit.
-Hemostatic agents: The next step in controlling excessive bleeding, or in management of bleeds unamenable to tourniquation.
-Pressure Dressings: The fundamental tool for continued application of pressure against bleeders, freeing up hands for more vital work (the fight!) and holding wound packing and hemostatics in place.
-Chest Seals: The simplest and most self-applicable tools for controlling tension pneumothorax.

This is a very simple overview of the contents of a BlowOut Kit, and not a presentation on the exact techniques of tactical medicine or self care in the tactical environment. This material is intended to preface the Hemostatic Agents: Myths, Lies, Facts & Applications video, and give you a foundation regarding the available tools, their uses and their value, in building your own BlowOut Kits.