Fake Hemostatic Products

Courtesy of our good friends in Chinese industry, one of the staples of modern emergency treatment of major hemorrhage is now being copied. Though these products are not direct copies of an major hemostatic, they are uncomfortably close and obvious in intent.
When purchasing and using hemostatic products be absolutely sure that what you’re buying is a known product from a reputable manufacturer. The origin of various products such as QuickClot and Celox is easily discoverable, and the packaging imminently recognizable. Anything that comes from unknown or questionable sources should be avoided at all cost.

Below are images of different Chinese faux-hemostatics, but do not expect them to be limited to just these examples. The sorry fucks who produce fake tourniquets will stop at nothing, so expect anything.
“ForClot” – http://lepumedical.en.alibaba.com/product/328053396-0/Disposable_Instant_Hemostatic_Parcels.html – Note the Name and Packaging Similarities to QuickClot

“Chitosan Hemostatic Pad” – http://www.asiaconnection.com.tw/Chitosan_Hemostatic_Pad.html

“Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze” – http://www.asiaconnection.com.tw/Chitosan_Hemostatic_Gauze.html

“Chitosan Hemostatic Dressing” – http://www.asiaconnection.com.tw/Chitosan_Hemostatic_Addressing.html

Buyer Beware! If you end up with any of this Chinese garbage, and end up with god-only-knows what sort of shredded toxic rubbish dusting your wounds, you have only yourself to blame.