Anatomy of Shell Garments: The Components

Continuing our series with Unleashed Tactical Equipment, this second part discusses the components of shell garments.
Before a needle touches cloth or a seam is sealed, a significant amount of work has already gone into just making the laminate for your garment. Often the decision to purchase this type of product is influenced by factors that are often not related to the product or its performance but more by the smooth talking of adverts and brands advertising budgets. In this second piece from the Anatomy of Shell Garments, we introduce the main components that go into a technical shell garment and cover some of their base properties. We hope that this article provides some food for thought beyond the label or hang tag.

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Part 1 – Anatomy of Shell Garments: History

Come back next week for Part 3!

Published by BFE Labs

"Solutions for Austerity and Hostility" BFE Labs is a solutions oriented think tank for Wilderness, Urban and Tactical Survival, Skillsets and Tool Use. Based in the high desert of New Mexico, we specialize in independent evaluation and development of skills, tools and solutions for austere and hostile environments: Wilderness, urban and tactical.

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